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Review - Banpresto One Piece Demon Fruit Figure


"Eat, eat, isn't Luffy eating? Ace also eats, so please eat it."

Oh~~~~~ It’s delicious! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Today, I will introduce you to a "taste" scene, the rubber fruit from the BANPRESTO devil fruit series. That is the one that Luffy accidentally ate.

Packaging and painting

Look at the packaging, there is nothing special, ordinary ordinary scenery packaging. Where is the "taste"? Did you smell it?


Turn it to the back and you will know ~ This rubber fruit is coated with the world's most bitter substance known as "Denatonium Benzoate"! If you feel strange or don't know the specific taste, just like the NS game card.

“Denatonium Benzoate” is the most bitter substance known in the world. Used as a bittering agent (or aversive agent) in daily necessities and industrial products, it can prevent the occurrence of poisoning incidents caused by human and animal ingestion and prevent animal bites. Therefore, many countries require this product to be used in daily necessities and industry. In the product.
The use of ammonium benzoate saccharide is sufficient to restore the taste setting of the devil fruit that is difficult to swallow.

The overall appearance is round and round, and the depiction of the texture is more like the original setting.


The stem is the best place I personally think of.

The dry fiber is very good. I even suspected that I took a watermelon vine directly.

The fruit is composed of two parts, and many parting lines are integrated into the fruit texture as much as possible.


In order to facilitate the placement on the ground, a part is made flat.

Compared with the size of the hand, it can be seen that this is still very big.

The devil fruit is really not very good to shoot, so take a photo in the nearby neighborhood~

in conclusion
A very innovative product, I actually paid attention to it at the new product launch conference at the beginning of the year. The use of the most bitter substance is also very intentional. After the visual and auditory touch is used in the surrounding area, the taste is also achieved. In addition to being able to see the touch, this "playing" can also be added. I don't know if there will be any in the future. Spicy flavors can be introduced. For those who like "One Piece", it is a good collection.

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