Chinese Valentine's Day Style Figure Review "Deam Tang - Drawing Cat A – Gamaniro

Chinese Valentine's Day Style Figure Review "Deam Tang - Drawing Cat And Red Line"

Today, I will introduce you to a product for Valentine's Day. Well, don't know what gift to buy on Valentine's Day? Then take a look at this review! ! Maybe some chinese style gift is also not bad.

The packaging of this series of products is very thoughtful, this company's packaging has not disappointed us every time, this time is also true.

The overall style of the package is very dark and the background color of the lotus is dark. It is worth mentioning that the red thread that runs through the package is really stitched to the box. I have to say that this design is very heart-warming, love it :) 

Inside package list

The main body is housed in a blister pack with a postcard and a red bracelet and a carpet. Here, the carpet is said to made by papers, then the real thing is it made by the same material as the mouse pad. It has a longer life and better effect.

Additional postcard

Figure display
Just like the theme name "Dream Tang", the overall style of a Tang style is the main tone, the white cat dressed in a traditional Confucian skirt raccoon. "Wei Gu" is wearing a red round robe. Say the name of "Weigu", some of you who know Chinese history should guess the source of this scene story.

It is from the Tang Dynasty writer Li Fuyan's "The Mystery Book · Engaged Shop", which is the story of the elderly under the moon. At the same time, the prototype illustration is also published in Guarla's new work "Drawing Cats and Dreams".



Dressed the traditional Confucian skirt, the white cat is the heroine of the story. I checked some of the information and did not mention that her name only knew that she was the daughter of the county magistrate of Songcheng County. She was adopted by the uncle of the history and was married to Weigu.

The details are very well portrayed, and the flower on the head and the flowerbed on the forehead are very delicate. Especially this expression that makes me feel a little bit sad, can not help but make people feel pity. However, associating with the story, I understand that it should be Weigu and his confession that he was stabbing at his young age and leaving scars on his forehead. 

The cloak uses a transparent material to reflect the texture of the yarn. In addition, the coating of the tube top is more obvious than the body.

A small tail on the back~~

Another civet cat "Weigu"
Compared with the white cat's gloom, this is more cheerful and simple, as if it is telling this anecdote to the white cat. Perhaps telling his wife about Chinese Cupid who met in that night.

Compared with the shape of the round neck robe, it is much simpler.

The part of the beard is more likely to fall off. Be careful when you open the bag. If you find that the beard is not four, look for it in the package.

The simple lines with a lot of color will not be overwhelming and will also play a supporting role.

A small tail is also revealed behind him.

Attached round copper mirror

The lotus pattern is also used on the back, which means that the red line uses a lot of lotus as decoration. But I don't know what is the profound meaning..

The bronze mirror is made of acrylic material with excellent reflection effect. At the same time, everyone should be careful not to scratch.

 Maybe this civet cat is telling something interesting :o.

Size comparison

The author who saw it was a cat-loving person, and this time it was a great restore of the painting with their own powerful styling ability. In short, it is a very good work.


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